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Updated over a week ago Android App for Marvel SNAP

We are currently experiencing a problem with our Marvel SNAP Android Companion App. Due to a recent Google security update, the App is unable to access SNAP's files, which means it cannot track matches or update collections. Despite trying different solutions, we have not been able to find a long-term fix for this issue.

Some users have reported that they were able to grant access to the App by uninstalling the "File" app updates. To do this, you can follow this path:
Settings -> Apps -> All Apps -> File -> 3 dot menu -> Uninstall updates.
Although this is not an ideal scenario, it has worked for some users. We understand how important it is for you to have the App working properly and we will keep you informed of any updates we might have. Marvel SNAP Companion for PC/macOS

The MARVEL SNAP tracker for PC/macOS might suffer desyncs in some cases. If the tracker does not recognize your deck or cards, you can try common fixes first:

  1. Try to restart SNAP with the Companion running.

  2. Check if the Companion is being run as admin.

If you find any additional issues please let us know in our Discord or send us a mail to

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