To start setting up the Hearthstone Deck Tracker (HDT) for streaming, you must first go to the the options menu for streaming, which can be found under Options > Advanced Options > Capturable Overlay as shown in the screenshots below.

Getting Started

  1. Start the Hearthstone Deck Tracker.

  2. Enable Show capturable overlay window. The default value for the Background color is #FF00FF (magenta).

  3. For the purpose of setting up HDT, make sure to disable Hide if HS is in background in Overlay > General.

  4. After you've done the above, start Hearthstone.

  5. For the purpose of setting up HDT, make sure Hearthstone is in windowed mode (not full-screen).

  6. Start a new game versus the Innkeeper. You can use this game to setup and test your streaming scene(s).

Instructions for OBS

  1. Start OBS.

  2. Add a new Window Capture source (e.g. called "HDT Overlay").

  3. Select [Hearthstone Deck Tracker.exe] HDT - Capturable Overlay. Set Window Match Priority to Window title must match. Enable Capture Cursor.

  4. Right click the HDT Overlay source you just added and select Filters.

  5. Add a new Chroma Key filter.

  6. Set the Key Color Type to Magenta (default background color set above), Similarity to 350, Smoothness to 80 and Key Color Spill Reduction to 1. You may have to adjust these values a bit.

  7. Disable Capture Cursor within the settings of your Hearthstone source. Not doing so will cause the cursor to show up beneath the overlay.

  8. Close the Filter window, adjust the overlay size within the composition view and start streaming!

Instructions for XSplit Broadcaster

  1. Start XSplit Broadcaster

  2. Add a new Screen Capture source. Select any window.

  3. Right click the source you just added, set Window Source to HDT - Capturable Overlay.

  4. Enable Stick to title and Show Mouse.

  5. Under Color > Keying select Chroma Key.

  6. Enable Legacy Mode and with the Eyedrop Tool select the magenta of the overlay. The value for the first slider should become around -142.You can bring up the magenta overlay color by alt-tabbing until the window HDT - Capturable Overlay becomes active.

  7. Adjust the second slider until you get the best result.

  8. Adjust the overlay size within the composition view and start streaming!

The Hearthstone window contents pass through the overlay source automatically. It should not be necessary to setup a separate source for Hearthstone underneath the overlay.


  • Keep in mind that we are not streamers and we've put together these instructions to the best of our knowledge. It is possible that better or easier ways exist. If you know of either (or want to add instructions for other software not covered above), don't hesitate to reach out to us at

  • It's possible the Hearthstone game window contains a solid magenta color, caused by the overlay. Clicking within the game window once should remove it.

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