How does the Companion work?
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The Companion itself also uses highly advanced techniques to interact with the game without modifying the game or it's files which we've developed across many games and over many years. See below for how the Companion is different from many other trackers.

The Companion only interacts passively with the games it supports. It uses standard Windows and macOS APIs to access and interpret the game in a read-only mode. This technique is highly complex, but something we've been able to successfully apply for many years.

To summarize:

  • The Companion makes no modifications to the game files

  • The Companion does not inject or "hook" any code into the game's process

  • The Companion does not take actions in the game on your behalf

  • The Companion uses standard Windows and macOS APIs to access the game's memory in read-only mode

What makes the Companion different from other trackers?

Many other tools rely on more invasive techniques like injecting or "hooking" the game process, or by modifying game files.

While this may be easier for a tool developer to build in the short term, we have been able to perfect the Companion's memory reading technique across many games and over many years of development and believe it is the right way to track games, as we can systematically avoid interfering with the game.

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