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Why is there no longer a Deck Tracker for Android?
Why is there no longer a Deck Tracker for Android?

Learn why a deck tracker for Hearthstone on Google's operating system for mobile devices is no longer available.

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Since Android 11, apps are restricted from accessing data of other applications. This is enforced both by technological means (blocking the access) and through policy means (blocking such applications from the Play Store). As such, our existing deck tracker for Android is both unable to access the Hearthstone logs providing the crucial data required for deck tracking, and is also prohibited from being submitted on the Play Store.

Due to this, we were forced to discontinue the development of our mobile deck tracker, Arcane Tracker, in early 2020.

While this change may generally be helpful to ensure data is accessed without authorization, it is regrettable that there is no longer a way for users to decide for themselves that they are okay with app (in this case, the deck tracker) accessing the data of another app (Hearthstone).

We have also wanted our deck trackers available on as many platforms that are supported by Hearthstone as possible, but in this case we believe we've exhausted all reasonable possibilities. This change leaves Android in a situation which iOS was in all along, and the same reason we are unable to offer a deck tracker for iPhones and iPads.

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