Thanks for your interest in upgrading to the Bundle! You'll have access to all features of Premium and Tier7 at a discounted price.

Upgrading one or more existing subscriptions works like this:

  • Visit your Billing Page to get a preview of the credit your existing subscriptions are eligible for. Remaining days are not converted 1:1 into Bundle days, the conversion is based on the price difference. 

  • Click the "Upgrade" button, choose your plan and enter your payment details.
    You'll be immediately charged the full price for the upgrade.

  • After the upgrade, we'll convert the remaining days from your existing subscription(s) into additional days for your Bundle subscriptions. This means they will extend how long the first billing period lasts.

  • If you do not cancel your Bundle subscription, it will only renew after the regular billing period plus your converted days.

  • If you should choose to cancel your subscription, you will have access to the Bundle for the duration of regular billing period plus your converted days.

If you'd like to avoid converting your existing subscriptions or getting charged immediately, we recommend you either wait until there are only very few days remaining on your old subscriptions, or you cancel and wait until your current subscription expire and subscribe to the Bundle at point.

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