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What does it mean if my Subscription is suspended, and how do I fix it?
What does it mean if my Subscription is suspended, and how do I fix it?

Learn what a suspended subscription is and how to resolve it.

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In some cases we might choose to suspend your subscription. This is usually because there was an issue with your payment.

A suspended subscription will not grant you access to the product(s) and you will not be able to start a new subscription until the issue with your payment is resolved, or the suspended subscription is removed from your account.

How do I know my subscription is suspended?

Visit your billing settings, and look for the badge on the top left of each of your subscriptions near the top of the page, above the payments. If any of them reads "Suspended", that subscription is suspended.

Why was my subscription suspended? 

Common issues that lead to a subscription being suspended are:

Failed payments

If you've signed up for a subscription, we will charge your payment account regularly based on the plan you selected when starting your subscription. If the payment fails at the time of a renewal for any reason, your subscription will be suspended.

You can resolve this by ensuring your payment details are up to date and your account is sufficiently covered. We will automatically retry failed payments over multiple days, after which your subscription is automatically canceled. If you update your payment details any earlier you can contact us so we can expedite the process for you and reactivate your subscription.

In future, make sure your account is sufficiently covered and your payment details are up to date. We'll send you an email if your credit card is about to expire. 

Disputed payments 

If you dispute a payment to us through your bank or payment provider, you are indicating you want to reclaim your payment even though you have had access to the product(s).

In these cases, please reach out to us so we can investigate the specific dispute and find a solution with you.


If you are still not sure why your subscription was suspended, please contact us at

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