How do I use the Auto-Importer feature?
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The Deck Auto-Importer feature allows players to import YDK/YDKE decks into the game without having to manually add each card individually. Just go to or any community website, copy a YDK/YDKE deck code to your clipboard, and follow the Companion overlay prompts in the ‘Create Deck’ screen in Master Duel.

The Companion will use your mouse to quickly search and click on each card to add to your deck in just a few seconds!

  1. Make sure you have the Companion App installed and running, and that your account is linked.

  2. Find a deck on our new YGO Decks page:

  3. Click the "Copy Deck" button

  4. Go to the "My Deck" screen in the YGO client and click on "Create New"

  5. Click the "Start Auto-Import" button on the bottom-right of the YGO game client screen

  6. Let us take the wheel and enjoy

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